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Women's Beauty Complex
Unlock the beauty within with our Women's Beauty Complex - a powerful formula designed to nourish and enhance hair, skin, and nails. Enriched with essential B-vitamins, ashwagandha, and hyaluronic acid, this product offers comprehensive support for a radiant and youthful appearance. Appeal to health-conscious...
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Detox and Cleanse Capsules Detox and Cleanse Capsules
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Detox and Cleanse Capsules
Introducing our Drug Detox Product - a potent formula designed to detoxify the body and promote overall wellness. With carefully selected ingredients, this product offers comprehensive support to flush out toxins and support a healthier body. Appeal to health-conscious consumers seeking effective detox solutions...
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From $1,667.50
Biotin Collagen Liquid Drops Biotin Collagen Liquid Drops
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Biotin Collagen Liquid Drops
Elevate your product line with our premium Biotin and Collagen Liquid Supplement! This potent blend of biotin, renowned as the "beauty vitamin," and collagen, supporting skin elasticity and joint health, offers the ultimate beauty boost. With our liquid formula's superior absorption, your customers will...
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From $1,540.00
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White Label Supplements

Private Label Supplements vs. White Label Supplements: They Are NOT The Same

by BL BIO LAB 03 Oct 2023
Private Label Supplements vs. White Label Supplements: They Are NOT The Same

Although Private Label and White Label are often used synonymously, they are not the same. Which one is better for you? What's the real difference? Which one should you choose? We'll take a closer look and answer all 3 of these questions. First, let's define what each one is.

What Are Private Label Supplements?

Private Label Supplements are products that are produced by a lab and can be customized to fit your company or brand. Everything from the packaging to the design of the label is customizable. Basically, you can select a supplement that has already been produced and customize it to your needs. You want a purple container with a gold lid? You can select a purple container with a gold lid. You want 60 capsules instead of 30, you get 60 capsules. The choice is yours and the possibilities are pretty much endless. Some of the benefits of going this route are, of course, the ability to customize the order, select different packaging, select special labels and even to select the quantity - generally speaking.

Having this much freedom can come with a cost, however. The cost includes speed. Selecting and sourcing a container and packaging can take time. You may want to see examples of packaging. You may want "soft touch" or gold foil, or embossed text on your new box. These can take time and may require additional approval processes. If you want a higher level of control over your products, Private Label is for you. But, there is another option:

White Label Supplements

White Label Supplements are products that have been tested, produced and tried, and then made available for another company (yours) to use. All of the guesswork has been removed leaving you with a great product that requires just one thing – a great label. Getting started with White Label Supplements is the fastest way to begin your new company. You choose a product, get a label made, and you are in business. It's really the easiest and fastest way there is to offer your customers the product they have been looking for – yours.

The drawbacks of White Label are really just the ability to customize quantity and packaging which may or may not be something you are concerned about.

Should I Choose White Label Supplements by BL Bio Lab?

White Label Supplements are the fastest way to get started with your new brand. Our expertly formulated and manufactured supplements are in stock and ready to ship. All you need to do is submit a label (or get one designed) and you can begin selling. If you are looking for the fastest, easiest way to get started in the supplement business, White Label USA by BL Bio Lab is the place to do it. We can answer all of the questions you have and make the ordering process easy and stress free. We've been in business for over 6 years and feature a 75,000 square foot facility that is NSF GMP certified, ISO compliant and FDA approved.

Looking To Add To Your Existing Line?

White Labelling is perfect for adding a new product to your existing line. If you have an existing line, you may be surprised at how fast we can help you add a new product or products to your line. Once you place your order, you will be provided with an informational packet that includes a template for your new label along with the required information to finalize it. We call this the "Fast-Track Service" and enables you to make the order, shipping and receiving process very easy.

From there, your rep will walk you through any additional steps needed to facilitate your order, from shipping to delivery and everything in-between.

For more information on White Label Supplements or to add a new product to your line now, call (727) 877-9889.

If you are looking for Private Label Supplements, be sure to visit our main website BL Bio Lab for great products, low MOQs and great customer service. 

Inside BL Bio Lab

A Message From Our CEO

"Customer service is our #1 priority but it goes beyond that. We are NSF GMP certified and ISO compliant not just because we stand by our products, but we want to deliver the best products we can to every single customer. We offer exceptional White Label Supplements to make it easy for almost anyone to start a supplement line or add to an existing line. We believe in supplementation and have built our business to help others offer the best supplements on Earth." – M.K.
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