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Fish vs. Bovine Collagen: Which Is Better?

by BL BIO LAB 23 Oct 2023
Fish vs. Bovine Collagen: Which Is Better?

Collagen is still one of the hottest supplements on the market. For years, collagen has been sourced from bovine only. But fish collagen has emerged as a strong competitor.

Some quick facts about fish collagen:

  • Contains type 1 collagen - the most common collagen
  • Can help improve skin, hair and gut health
  • High in amino acids glycine and proline
  • Easier to digest than many other forms of collagen

Fish collagen may not be for everyone, but as a stand-alone supplement, it delivers. To compare, let's take a look at how it stacks up to our standard source of collagen.

The Main Differences Between Fish and Bovine Collagen

Type 1 collagen is healthier skin, healthier hair and firmer nails. Bovine collagen is available in many different supplements in different quantities. Some contains type1 collagen, others contain types 1, 2 and 3. It may seem as though taking all 3 sources of collagen is ideal, but not always.

Depending on the supplement, some bovine-sourced collagen supplements contain low amounts of collagen in each serving. Serving per serving, fish collagen has a huge advantage - bioavailability.

The Fish Collagen Bioavailability Advantage

Fish or marine collagen is absorbed into the body 1.5X more efficiently than bovine collagen. Something else to consider when choosing a collagen supplement is allergies. Those with milk allergies, vegans, vegetarians or those who do not consume bovine protein. So for many customers, fish collagen is a great option and opens the door for them to use collagen supplements.

Why Choose Fish or Marine Collagen?

Rich in type 1 collagen and packing a host of benefits, fish collagen could be give your company the competitive advantage you need to stand out. Our fish collagen supplement has superior bioavailability vs bovine or porcine sources, making it a viable option for any supplement company.


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