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Women's Beauty Complex Women's Beauty Complex
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Women's Beauty Complex
Unlock the beauty within with our Women's Beauty Complex - a powerful formula designed to nourish and enhance hair, skin, and nails. Enriched with essential B-vitamins, ashwagandha, and hyaluronic acid, this product offers comprehensive support for a radiant and youthful appearance. Appeal to health-conscious...
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From $1,810.00
Detox and Cleanse Capsules Detox and Cleanse Capsules
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Detox and Cleanse Capsules
Introducing our Drug Detox Product - a potent formula designed to detoxify the body and promote overall wellness. With carefully selected ingredients, this product offers comprehensive support to flush out toxins and support a healthier body. Appeal to health-conscious consumers seeking effective detox solutions...
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From $1,667.50
Biotin Collagen Liquid Drops Biotin Collagen Liquid Drops
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Biotin Collagen Liquid Drops
Elevate your product line with our premium Biotin and Collagen Liquid Supplement! This potent blend of biotin, renowned as the "beauty vitamin," and collagen, supporting skin elasticity and joint health, offers the ultimate beauty boost. With our liquid formula's superior absorption, your customers will...
From $1,540.00 ($6.16 /unit)
From $1,540.00
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White Label Supplements

5 Ways To Improve Your Business With White Label Supplements

by BL BIO LAB 31 Oct 2023
5 Ways To Improve Your Business With White Label Supplements

1. Use a White Label Supplement to Test A New Product

Will the new product take off? Can we offer a new product quickly? Can we sell a product quickly without risking a lot of money? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then white label supplements are for you. H White Label Supplements allow you to add a new supplement with low costs and minimal risk. Simply design a new label, choose a product, and select an order quantity. We make it easy to test new products fast. By enabling you to bring a new product or several new products to the market for a minimal cost, you considerably lower your risk.

2. Expand Your Line

Adding new products to your line is a fundamental part of operating a supplement business. New products offer the sales team new product to sell. Adding new products can also be a way to stimulate sales. Offering a "skin care combo" or "complete skin care package" are some examples of how you can create new deals for your customers. Getting creative with your line has never been easier.

3. Lower Costs

Are you spending too much on shipping? Sometimes supplement companies can order too much of a product that simply never catches on. It could be the wrong time, or it could be the marketing campaign just didn't resonate with the right audience. White Label Supplements offer a way to lower shipping costs because they allow you to carry lower stock when needed, and because we can manufacture large or small orders, you can expand when you need to, and lower inventory and shipping costs at the same time.

4. Save Money

White label supplements are expertly formulated and produced right here in sunny Florida. When you choose our supplements, we guarantee quality, purity and potency, every single time on every single supplement. Custom supplements are excellent, and we have expert formulators that develop new products every day. But, for some companies and especially startups, white label products can help save money. To begin any supplement line, we recommend starting with a white label supplement. Custom formulations take longer to produce and are more expensive. There's times when a custom formulation is the right solution, but white labelling can be a great way to avoid those costs and get started much faster. Sometimes, it's a race to the market when it comes to supplements.

5. Build A New Customer Base

There's probiotics for men, and there's probiotics for women. There's probiotics for adults, and there's probiotics for kids. And so on and so on. One way to use white label supplements is to appeal or offer your line to a new customer base. If you have a collagen supplement, you can easily add a marine or fish collagen supplement in just weeks. This can introduce your company and products to a completely new audience, and getting started is fast and easy. To get started now, give us a call.


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"Customer service is our #1 priority but it goes beyond that. We are NSF GMP certified and ISO compliant not just because we stand by our products, but we want to deliver the best products we can to every single customer. We offer exceptional White Label Supplements to make it easy for almost anyone to start a supplement line or add to an existing line. We believe in supplementation and have built our business to help others offer the best supplements on Earth." – M.K.
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